New Apple Watch is coming this fall with larger displays, analyst says

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Along with a larger display, Kuo says the new Apple smartwatch will have improved health monitoring capabilities and a longer battery life than the current Series 3 model. However, the specs and features of the new wearable may have been leaked as early as this week.

Kuo predicts Apple will sell between 22 - 24 million Apple Watches in 2018 and will eventually go on to around 50 million sales a year.

Fresh from Apple's education-focused iPad event on Monday comes a report claiming a new version of the Apple Watch is on deck for later this year. The screen on the Apple Watch Series 4 is said to be 15 percent bigger than its predecessors' display. Though it's unclear if the larger display will affect the proportion of the chassis. His design shows the same overall size Watch, but will much slimmer bezels. Unfortunately, he did not disclose the specifics of the new sensors and their possible functions.

Currently, the watch offers around 18 hours of advertised battery life, which means it needs to be charged overnight. However, it does say that Apple will add sensors beyond the usual mishmash of heart rate monitoring. KGI predicts 22-24 million units shipped in 2018, around 30% more than previous year.

That means the Apple Watch 4 could launch anytime between July and September of this year, which lines up perfectly with the anticipated iPhone XI launch window. Keep in mind also that this is the first rumor that we hear about the Apple Watch Series 4 and if a new generation is indeed coming, we expect to hear more from other sources in the near future.

The analyst points at a combination of "more trendy form factor" for the upcoming Apple Watch 4.