Apple Watch launching this fall with larger display, says analyst

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As we all know Apple has been pretty much sticking to the same design as the first Apple Watch across the second and the third generation. This time around the firm published a new report that mentions Apple will be launching a redesigned Apple Watch this fall.

After its special education event today, Apple's online store is back online with its new spring products, including the latest Apple Watch bands. The watch is also rumored to have longer battery life and enhanced health monitoring. According to the report, this is something that will change with a redesigned exterior for the upcoming Apple Watch 4.

A 15% increase in screen size doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a 15% larger watch. So far, all Apple Watch models come in 38mm or 42mm screen sizes. The analyst doesn't provide any further details about the battery or what kind of improvements we can expect from the health sensor.

KGI has a proven track record with Apple rumors - most recently it predicted that Apple's newly announced low-price iPad would support Apple Pencil.

There will also be more sensors inside, says the analyst, going beyond the heart rate monitor. That said, the older models will remain on sale with lower prices, which would help Apple maintain its lead in the smartwatch market.

The analyst predicts Apple will sell somewhere between 22-24 million Apple Watch units this year, which would be a 30 per cent increase year-over-year.