Trump says watching courts before acting on gun age limits

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The modest fixes proposed by the White House stepped back from some of the more sweeping changes Trump had considered after the latest school shooting. He and Republican leaders in Congress have been afraid to cross the National Rifle Association ahead of the November midterm elections because the gun lobby has always been a powerful force mobilizing conservative activists in elections.

"No child should have to fear going to school or walking the streets of their neighborhood", said Sessions. Instead, it directs the Justice Department "to provide technical assistance" to states interested in implementing extreme risk protection orders under which courts would have to approve the removal of guns from someone the state considers a safety risk. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., that is created to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System; and the STOP School Violence Act, which would authorize state-based grants to implement violence prevention training for teachers and students. "Two hours later, then they write a report".

On Saturday, the Justice Department submitted a regulation to ban bump stocks - devices that turn semiautomatic rifles into fully automatic machine guns - that would not require congressional approval. This follows reports that calls came into the Federal Bureau of Investigation tip line warning about 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, prior to his shooting and killing 17 people last month at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Numerous student survivors have urged Washington to toughen restrictions on gun purchases, but such measures are fiercely opposed by the National Rifle Association, and the Trump plan does not include any substantial changes to gun laws.

In effect, Sanders was arguing that Trump wanted to do more, but can't. The president faced immediate backlash from Democrats for failing to include the restriction in his list of proposals. Trump supports improved background checks for some gun purchases, for example, and more robust mental health counseling.

"Responding to the murder of 17 students and educators by endorsing the gun lobby's platform is a shameful abdication of the president's responsibility to lead". "So what he is pushing forward are things that can immediately be accomplished, either through the administration or that have broad base bipartisan support in Congress". But that doesn't mean that he has wiped away some of those others things. "We're still looking at how best we can move forward".

Sanders also explained a tweet the president sent earlier on Monday in which he claimed that there was little political support for raising the age to buy an assault weapon, despite multiple polls showing well over 70% of Americans would favor such a proposal. And a pattern is starting to emerge on how to read Trump's wild spins on divisive issues: When it comes time for the White House to put its own ideas in writing, he'll land to the right of most of Washington, no matter how he seemed to be at the center or left just a few days before. On Sunday, the White House released its proposal, which focuses on arming teachers and doesn't mention raising the age limit for assault rifle purchases, which Trump supports.

President Donald Trump will push states to make it easier to seize weapons from people a court finds unsafe, hold federal agencies more accountable for background checks, and promote arming teachers.