Trump accused of backpedaling on gun control

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In the control group, 61 percent of Republicans favored raising the age for gun purchases to 21; in the group with Trump's name attached, a very similar 65 percent did. A commission on school violence - led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has been a major disappointment - will likely accomplish nothing of outcome.

The administration will start working with states to provide "rigorous firearms training" to teachers and other school personnel who volunteer to be armed, said Andrew Bremberg, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. How clear is the plan on this issue?

Survivors of the Florida shooting have been pressing for a complete ban on sales of assault-style rifles to the public.

Not quite two weeks ago, President Trump looked at two senators among a bipartisan group of lawmakers gathered in the White House - senators who had led the charge to get universal background checks signed into federal law - and told them, point blank, "You're afraid of the NRA".

The centerpiece of the administration's plan is Trump's vow to "harden our schools against attack".

President Donald Trump said on Monday he put off action on raising the minimum age for gun purchases, one of several measures he had backed after the latest US school shooting but skirted after heavy opposition from gun rights groups.

After all, major legislation that has passed during his presidency - like tax reform for instance - was largely driven from inside Congress, with the President offering support but not dictating the shape of proposed laws. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that he does not support raising the age to purchase long guns, such as AR-15 rifles that have been used in numerous recent mass shootings.

Third, reforming mental health programs.

So help me understand a little bit more, because there seems to be some confusion about what the Trump administration's stance is on whether certain issues around gun safety in schools should be dealt with at the state level or at the federal level.

White House officials described Sunday's plan as a fulfilment of the president's call for action after Parkland.

Trump has agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Un and will use this opportunity to hold the regime to its commitment to denuclearise the Korean peninsula, the statement said.

This is not the first time there has been a controversy surrounding professional sports champions visiting the White House. "I think it's something you have to think about". On Saturday night, the president was at a rally in Pennsylvania and mocked the idea of blue ribbon commissions as an approach to dealing with drug abuse.

Mr Trump has also backed legislation aimed at providing more data for the background check system, a database of people who are not legally allowed to buy guns, but did not endorse a broader proposal to close loopholes by requiring background checks for guns bought at gun shows or over the Internet.

Beckett: There's a lot of questions around that.

Sanders said, though, the idea was still being considered. Instead he made a decision to only endorse the mildest possible compromise in Congress which is to ask states and federal agencies to follow the existing law. Just 12 percent of Republicans felt the president was going too far.

Lois Beckett, reporter for The Guardian.

Furthermore, on the conference call the White House announced that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would be chairing a blue-ribbon commission to study issues of guns and violence in schools, including age limits.