Smoking Could Be Damaging Your Hearing, Research Reveals

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The study was published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

"For example, if smokers who used e-cigarettes to help quit were twice as likely to actually quit compared to smokers who used nicotine-replacement therapy, then the benefits of e-cigarette use would approximately balance the harms of e-cigarette use". These approaches will aim to more rapidly and effectively eliminate smoking around the world, hence reduce smoking-related harm and deaths. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, which produces harmful carcinogenic chemicals including tar and carbon monoxide when burned.

"Kids who vape are more likely to start smoking cigarettes-notably kids who were otherwise not at a high risk of starting to smoke". "I had the habit of smoking because all my friends were smokers". Belfast resident said, " I also took the help of advanced technology and installed an Andriod app Quit Now!. "We can't afford to wait while the health of hundreds of thousands of people across Yorkshire continues to be harmed from tobacco smoke".

She added: "Smokers are four times more likely to quit if they get help, and we have been providing that support for more than 40 years, consistently getting a 68 per cent quit rate in four weeks". Smoking is responsible for 16 different types of cancer, including 86% of lung cancers, 37% of bladder cancers and 23% of liver cancers.

There was a time where smoking didn't cause cancer, and hey, loads of doctors smoke!

There are now about 250,000 e-cigarette users in the region. Studies suggest that 52% of users are ex-smokers and 45% are current smokers.

Due to the relative safety of e-cigarettes and their success in helping people quit, Yorkshire Cancer Research is calling for more support to be given to those who wish to vape.

"We would like to see everyone across the public, private and third-sector pledging to do at least one thing to help people to stop smoking and help achieve our vision for a smoke free Cumbria". Vaping is a different activity to smoking, and should be treated as such. It is not acceptable to require vapers to share the same outdoor space as smokers, or to ban e-cigarette use.

Media worldwide are invited to attend a press event announcing the results of the 2018 State of Smoking Survey, a study commissioned by the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World that aims to better understand why people smoke, what motivates smokers to want to quit, and what makes quitting hard. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement that vaping devices are by far the most common source of experimentation with tobacco products among children.

"E-cigarettes could indeed provide more population benefit if they were more effective as a cessation tool", Soneji said.