Sea of Thieves pre-launch competition prize is bananas

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Crew up with up to three friends to crack cryptic clues, follow the trail and find the treasure.

Shiver me timbers! Participating countries include the UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, and Canada.

The Quest kicks off at 12:00 AM PT / 08:00 GMT / 19:00 AEDT, Monday, March 19 with a riddle being released every few hours and continues over the course of three days as you and your crew attempt to solve a total of 15 riddles. Indeed, starting Monday, March 19th, you can solve riddles and have the opportunity to win three UK Hallmarked 18-carat golden bananas worth about $27,000 United States dollars per banana. Come Wednesday, you'll be able to enter you answers to all 15 riddles on this website; you'll have to get your skates on though, as you'll only have seven hours post them.

Solving the 15-part riddle first in one of the eligible regions will then place your Sea of Thieves pirate crew in the running to win real-world golden bananas. As stated in the announcement, "should you find yourself marooned elsewhere, these clues will also be scattered digitally as well".

For those that haven't been following Sea of Thieves' development, the banana theme isn't quite as random as it might first appear; in-game, bananas are now the only item that can restore health, so have a kind of skewed prominence during your swashbuckling escapades.

To enter the competition, visit for more details on contest rules, how to play and to register your crew.

We're only just over a week away until Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One and PC hits the deck on March 20, with a beta test of the game, accessible to anyone, concluding yesterday. You can pre-order it from the Microsoft Store here.