Russian Tourist Gives Birth To Her Baby In The Red Sea

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LADbible also notes that the baby's gender is not yet known, and the woman has not yet been identified. She is seen casually walking into the red sea, and returns minutes later after giving birth.

Egyptian news outlets say that many expecting moms have gone to Dahab to give birth to their babies in the Red Sea recently, though the reason why is unclear. Her uncle owns a hotel on the shores of the Red sea and he spotted the incident from the balcony of his hotel.

The original photos were shared by fellow tourist Hadia Hosny El Said on March 10.

Social media users praised the apparent ease and beauty of the birth as they shared the images online. The photos show an older man, presumably the doctor, holding the seconds-old newborn, while the woman's partner holds a bucket with the baby's placenta.

The new mother, from Russian Federation, gave birth with the help of her husband and a doctor who specializes in water births.

After the birth the placenta was placed into a bowl before the baby was carried from the water with the umbilical cord still attached.

The photographer of this rare moment captured the father leaving the water carrying his newborn.

Since the photos were posted on El Said's Facebook page on Saturday, they've gone viral all over the world. The man carrying the baby appears to have been a doctor experienced in water births, according to the report in Daily Mail. Then he took pictures of the mother coming out of the water as she had just taken a swim, and greeting her other child on the beach.

Eyewitnesses explained that the baby's mother appeared to have given birth after going into the sea wearing a bikini.

One social media user commented: "The sea was really red that day!"