Rex Tillerson urges orderly transition to Pompeo

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Trump tweeted, "He will do a fantastic job!"

"To the 300-plus million Americans, thank you for your devotion to a free and open society, to acts of kindness toward one another, to honesty, and the quiet hard work that you do every day to support this government with your tax dollars", he said. Trump said on Twitter.

Pompeo, 54, represented Kansas' 4th Congressional District from 2011 to 2017 as a Republican.

Former NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden speculated on Twitter that the nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, Gina Haspel, could face arrest if she sets foot in the European Union because she allegedly was involved in a torture program at a secret Central Intelligence Agency prison. She would be the first woman in that role.

In a statement issued by Trump to the Washington Post, he said the nomination of Gina Haspel was "a historic milestone".

March 8, 2018 - Tillerson says during a visit to Ethiopia that the U.S is not ready for direct talks with North Korea. For all of Tillerson's flaws, he served as a check on Trump's more hawkish positions.

Trump publicly undercut Tillerson's diplomatic initiatives numerous times, including on Monday when the former secretary of state's comments about Russian Federation appeared to be at odds with those of the White House. "When you look at the Iran deal". I wanted to either break it or do something, and he felt a little bit differently.

She said "appointment should be a warning to allies of the U.S. in the UK, Europe and around the world to rethink their cooperation with an administration which has refused again and again to show respect for the values we all share". I think it's bad, I guess he (Tillerson) thought it was OK. "We're getting very close to having the Cabinet and other things that I want". Apparently, Trump was planning to announce Tillerson's dismissal was the Secretary of State was overseas in an official capacity, but Kelly talked the president out of it, urging him to wait until the nation's top diplomat is back on American soil before dropping the axe. That time has come to an abrupt end. Tillerson left Africa on Monday.

Tillerson had joined Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in pressing a sceptical Trump to stick with the agreement with Iran and other world powers over Tehran's nuclear ambitions; and he has taken a more hawkish view than Trump on Russian Federation. "He established and enjoyed relationships with his counterparts", he said.

The White House said it was dismissing Goldstein, NBC News reported. Neither the State Department nor the White House replied to requests from Anadolu Agency for comment.

Afterwards, Goldstein first tweeted and then issued a statement declaring that Trump had not called Tillerson prior to the announcement and that the secretary was "unaware" of the reasons for his departure. White House officials, though, said chief of staff John Kelly had called Tillerson on Friday and again on Saturday to warn him that Trump was about to take imminent action if he did not resign and that a replacement had already been identified. "Continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead to greater isolation on their part, a situation which is not in anyone's interest", Tillerson continued.

"I will now return to private life, private citizen, a proud American, proud of the opportunity I've had to serve my country". Yet once he took office, Trump continued to recertify the deal - one of former President Barack Obama's signature foreign policy achievements - but also continued to criticize it. The violent interrogations were videotaped, but Haspel was involved in an order to destroy the visual records in 2005, defying a congressional request to preserve them.

Both Pompeo and Haspel must be confirmed by the Senate. "The bar for any secretary of State is understandably extremely high and, when it comes to Pompeo, will be even higher due to the role he played in politicizing a real national tragedy".