Quicker Raspberry Pi 3 Arrives With Model B+ Launch

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Originally launched out of a desire to teach children how to code, the Raspberry Pi has found more of a home as a hobbyist device, where people have used it to make everything from Kodi media centres to retro gaming consoles.

THE RASPBERRY PI FOUNDATION has unveiled the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, its most powerful miniature PC yet.

That said, the foundation says the Pi 3 Model B+ can sustain high performance for much longer periods than its predecessors. The tiny computer is supposed to be faster and better in every way, including upgraded processor speed, wireless internet, and Ethernet connections. The revised processor carries model number BCM2837B0 and has a metallic heat spreader to improve thermal performance.

It also now offers Bluetooth 4.2 support compared to Bluetooth 4.1, and ethernet networking should be speedier due to the introduction of gigabit ethernet over USB 2.0, though bandwidth is limited to a maximum of 300 Mbps - still, that's three times more than the previous model. As a result, power consumption can be lower on the Model B+ for the same clock frequencies and voltages.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported, with an add-on planned that will allow the 5V needed to power the Pi to be slurped from the PoE supply.

Finally: The upgraded Pi also now supports power-over-ethernet (PoE), meaning the device will soon be able to be powered up through its ethernet port, though you'll need to wait for a separate Poe HAT to launch "shortly". It's certainly a nice aesthetic touch, but has also allowed the board to be FCC certified as a radio module, a move that should reduce future conformance testing costs. This significantly reduces the amount of work required to demonstrate compliance with existing regulations.

RS Components (RS), the global distributor for engineers, today announced availability of the latest Raspberry Pi computer board: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

In honor of Pi Day, many stores are offering discounts on Raspberry Pi products, so be sure to look around.