Google Unveils Plus Codes: A New, Open-Source Alternative to Street Addresses

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This is why Google has developed Plus Codes which offer you a way to create your own virtual address that is sharable across the Google Maps platform.

This system works by dividing the geographical surface of Earth into tiny tiled areas that each have a unique code - called Plus Code.

With these features, Google intends to hit the right spot for the growth of technology in India, as Plus Codes integration in business will help them grow whereas the native voice navigation will be a boon Indians all over. Google make sure the address is searchable after verification.

Google Maps has made a slew of announcements to make it simpler for users to find addresses and navigate in India. "Plus Codes can be used for a wide variety of reasons including communicating the venue of a temporary event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations, and providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses", the company said in a statement.

Another of the features is just like adding new businesses to Google. Today, we are happy to bring voice navigation in six additional Indian languages: "Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam", says Ruhela.

The code will be in a "6-character+city" format that can be generated shared and searched by users on Google Maps. The other reality is that millions of people and places in India are hard to locate - especially those in remote areas. In order to use Plus Codes, you could easily enter your location into the Search box of Google Maps on both the Desktop and the Mobile applications which will return your location. Once approved, the uploader would get 15 points through Google's MapMaker initiative that helps encourage user contributions. If a user is unaware of the exact address and Maps does not understand the address precisely but he or she knows about the nearby landmarks or locality, "Smart Address Search" would use all the pieces of the information provided in the address and user could best identify the area. Instead of showing no results, it will display these landmarks when a long address search is typed. "We are deeply committed to helping find solutions to these challenges", Ruhela added.

Google and Nintendo have prepared a surprise "Easter eggs" for users of the map service, back to back with global day for Mario. The service is already supported with the language Hindi, introduced three years ago. Well, it is true that few addresses can be quickly spotted with accurate street names and house numbers while there are other locations which takes long time.

"India continues to inspire us, and pushes us to reimagine what Maps can do for people". This feature enables you to contribute to the Maps experience from the Maps.