France Accuses Apple of Abusive Contracts, Will Sue Company

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The FFM has filed a complaint in a Paris court asking them to order Apple and Google to end "abusive commercial practices" following a three-year-long investigation by the government into how the major tech firms treat smaller French software developers that produce applications for mobile devices.

These allegedly-abusive business practices relate to the way that the tech giants impose tariffs on developers who sell their apps via the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively. The country might also seek the elimination of these unilateral contract terms and standardized commissions, which could create significant headaches for both Google and Apple.

"I will have Google and Apple taken to the Commercial Court of Paris for abusive trade practices, because I believe that Google and Apple, no matter how powerful they are, can not treat our start-ups and our developers the way they are doing today".

France has had a complicated relationship with Internet giants.

French authorities said that the latest case brought against Apple and Google is created to address "significant imbalances" in how French software developers are treated. The case was brought on behalf of the French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, by the French Directorate for fair trading, consumer affairs and fraud control (DGCCRF).

"We're expecting a lot from this suit, and we're not the only ones".

He added the current action could result in penalties reaching several million euros.

But European officials have said they will not be intimidated by Trump's protectionist moves, which have yet to be put into effect.