"Elsa" saves the night on a snowy Boston street

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Let's start with one Boston lawyer who has an Elsa costume at the ready.

A man dressed in drag as Queen Elsa from the movie "Frozen" ran out of a bar Tuesday night to help a Boston police wagon stuck in the piles of snow left by a nor'easter that hit the region.

Jason Triplett told the Boston Globe he dressed up as the Queen of Arendelle just to give his friends a laugh, but sashayed into action when he saw a police van stuck outside The Gallows bar in Boston's South End neighborhood.

The video was taken by Christopher Haynes, a publicist for a restaurant where everyone knows Elsa's name.

"My neighborhood is a little colorful so I didn't think too much of it", Haynes said. "You can't make this stuff up". The heroic princess then curtsies on the street toward the bar as the video nears its ending.

People inside the Gallows bar nearby can be heard cheering "Elsa" on as the van is pushed out of the snow and ultimately back on to the road.

"I bought this costume past year during a snow storm because I thought it would be hilarious to walk around Boston in an "Elsa" costume during a snowstorm", Elsa, who wanted to remain anonymous, told WTIC.

Social media, of course, criticized Haynes and the others for not helping.