Claire Foy was paid less than male co-star on "The Crown"

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Producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries acknowledged to United States news outlet Variety that Smith's previous starring role in Doctor Who meant he was paid more than Foy, who had appeared in a number of smaller British dramas including the BBC's Wolf Hall, prior to The Crown.

However, as the show enters its third season, the producers stated that they will amend the pay gap, "Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen", said Suzanne Mackie.

She's not known for histrionics, but Queen Elizabeth II would surely struggle to maintain her famous poise if she knew the actress playing her on "The Crown" earned less than the man portraying her husband. "However, Hollywood and London may have to reassess whether there should be some kind of SAG pay scale".

While Colman has already been cast for the upcoming season, The Crown producers are still working on casting an "established actor" to play Prince Philip. During a press conference in Israel on Tuesday (13Mar18), Mackie also addressed reports suggesting Foy was paid less than Smith, even though she was the star of the show.

The pay difference was due to Smith coming into the show after a six-year stint as Dr. Who on television - one of Britain's most popular shows, the producers said. For Season 3, the queen, Prince Philip and everyone else are older, requiring older actors.

At this time, representatives for Foy and Smith have not commented while Netflix declined to address the shocking pay discrepancy. The Crown costs $7 (€5.6) million an episode to produce.

Forbes's annual highest-paid list draws further attention to the gender pay gap.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Mark Wahlberg had been paid significantly more to reshoot scenes for "All the Money in the World" than his co-star Michelle Williams, CNBC reported.

Mark Wahlberg made news earlier this year when it was revealed that he was paid $1.5 million U.S. for reshoots on movie All the Money in the World, while co-star Michelle Williams received $1,000 US.