Twitter kills a slew of popular accounts in 'tweetdecking' purge

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Twitter has chose to give its platform a bit of a clean up by suspending a number of accounts - some with millions of followers - known for "tweetdecking" and stealing people's tweets without credit.

Twitter users hated accounts like Common White Girl, which were popular with the "locals", and now people are celebrating.

However, Twitter thinks that manufactured virality through theft or mass-retweeting is not a good thing.

Twitter has been cleaning up its social network in a bid to promote more genuine interaction among users which is why it has now gone after accounts that create artificially viral tweets. In January, the company unveiled new measures against spam and tweetdecking.

Twitter hasn't confirmed whether or not the suspensions are permanent or commented on individual suspensions. But it is likely that these accounts infringed the website's spam policy. This step has been taken a few weeks after the company decided that it was no longer going to allow Tweetdeck users to retweet posts across multiple accounts.

Tweetdeckers were very upset at the news even though it is not the first time the platform suspends them. Now the accounts-which racked up millions of followers and stole amusing tweets without giving credit-are actually gone from Twitter. Or they can wait for the suspension to be lifted, if it is temporary.

According to Buzzfeed, a number of these accounts were implicit with a practice known as "tweetdecking".

It's hardly a secret Twitter has struggled in the past to ensure only verified users post original content on its platform.