Rep. Davis worries North Korea won't give up nuclear weapons

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Past presidents have received an invite by North Korea, but President Trump is the first to accept. Carranza said North Korea is showing its willingness to be peaceful.

"This potential meeting has been agreed to, there are no additional conditions being stipulated", White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said. Trump dispensed with decades of US foreign policy orthodoxy with his decision, particularly given that the North Korean leader made only a vague offer - conveyed via a South Korean delegation that visited him - to discuss giving up his nuclear weapons program.

Should I (should any of us) feel comfortable with the prospect of the arrogant, muddle-headed know-nothing who lives in the White House negotiating life-and-death nuclear matters for me, and us, with this North Korean killer?

Chung said South Korean government officials "believe that various advances toward achieving the goal of peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula were made with active support and contribution from President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government".

Full credit must go to the South Koreans. "But perhaps Kim made a more far-reaching offer". This would be the first ever face-to-face meeting between sitting leaders of the US and North Korea.

But Mr Tillerson seemed somewhat surprised at the invitation, telling reporters that it was "the most forward-leaning report that we've have had in terms of Kim Jong-un's - not just willingness - but his strong desire for talks".

For South Korea, the efforts of the past few weeks have been directed towards creating a joint position with North Korea to manage the dangers presented by an unpredictable government in Washington.

A Pentagon spokesperson decline to confirm what military assets would take part in the drills, but U.S. officials have said that the USA will continue its strategy of flexing its military muscle towards North Korea until Kim shows he's serious about giving up his nuclear ambitions.

The U.S. and South Korea hold military manoeuvrs every year.

South Korean officials have called for the resumption of visits between separated Korean families in the North and South, as a "humanitarian and human rights issue", especially as many family members are now in their 80s. South Korea's President Moon Jae-in also plans a summit with Kim by the end of April. Last year, Hirono wrote to Trump to urge him to fill the ambassadorship, and several other positions that are critical to finding a diplomatic solution to de-escalate tensions with North Korea.

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