PUBG adds emotes and friends list, despite anti-cheat delay

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For those who have already had the chance to check out that update then you probably know that the servers had been also down for maintenance from 5 PM KST/ 1 AM PDT / 9 AM CET in preparation for the new patch.

The big new additions are an emote system, which no multiplayer game should ever be without, and a friends list.

12 default emotes are now available, with more being added in the future. You call up emotes by pressing the tilde key and using a radial menu.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has received its latest update on Xbox One, delivering an assortment of fixes to its Xbox Game Preview version. As long as you have a PUBG account, you will be able to search and add friends freely regardless of the platform they are using. Independent of Steam friends lists, the PUBG friends list "is a one-way follower concept, not a mutual acceptance between players". There's also 37 new PUBG-specific achievements to aim for. There's also now main menu voice chat, so you can speak to your team while there.

This has been pushed back due to changes being made, so fans will have to wait to hear more about this. "Unfortunately, there's been an adjustment in our plans, but we will be sure to give an update on this at a later time", PUBG Corp say. Rolled out today, PUBG's PC Update #7 is live.