Mark Hamill to be 'guest of honour' for St Patrick's Day parade

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be out on Blu-ray soon, and some of the special features packed on the disk have started to trickle out online. "If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in Star Wars". If you're asking the internet, that answer is Sebastian Stan.

In an interview with Variety, Hamill said that casting for a hypothetical film would depend on where in Luke's past the story picked up, but if they were to go back far enough, Tremblay would be his choice. But if Lucasfilm has any need for a young child Skywalker to look longingly at the sunset, then they should get the contact info for Tremblay.

The initial tweet got over 40,000 retweets and almost 95,000 likes from women and men from all walks of life, including "NASA scientists, screenwriters, fandom queens and Luke Skywalker himself", she said. "All he was doing was bullseyeing wamp rats in his T-16". Our Star Wars campaign, including our films with Mark Hamill praising the beauty and people of Ireland, has been seen by over 8 million people around the world - whetting peoples' appetites to come and visit the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland. Tremblay has proven himself to be an impressive young talent, having starred in Room, an Oscar contender, and Wonder, a nice uplifting movie to put a smile on your face. We also get phenomenal backstage shots of some of the 100 sets in all stages of construction as well as a return visit to some of the film's most iconic locations. We're not sure how his involvement in Star Wars: Episode 9 will pan out, but a prequel seems like a bad idea when it comes to expanding the mythology of Luke Skywalker. Though during the celebration, fellow Star Wars hero Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo in the legendary franchise, honored the late Princess Leia star with a touching speech.