Ireland's plan to ease abortion laws face opposition

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The "eighth amendment" is a reference to a clause inserted into the Irish constitution in 1983, which was created to enshrine the equal right to life of the mother and her unborn child.

In the capital of Ireland, Dublin tens of thousands of people on March 10, participated in the March of life, protesting against abortion.

DUBLIN (CNS) - Ireland's Catholic bishops have described as "shocking" a government proposal to hold a referendum on whether the constitutional right to life of unborn children should be removed.

"I think the government has seriously misunderstood where people stand on this issue and we're going to see that the referendum will be lost on May 25th", she said.

A number of activists complained of what they believed was a strong media bias in favour of loosening abortion laws, however they also said that the pro-choice movement may be overconfident. She says about the equivalence of the lives of the mother and fetus, and prohibits abortion in nearly all circumstances.

"Instead International Women's Day 2018 is being used as part of the government's choreography to introduce abortion on demand into Ireland".

It is noted that at the end of may in the country should be a referendum on the question of the legalization of abortion. In the event of a Yes vote, the government has said it will begin drafting legislation to grant unrestricted access, up to 12 weeks into a woman's pregnancy, for those who want to have an abortion.

Currently, abortion is only permitted in Ireland where there is a risk to the life of the mother.