Hit-and-run confrontation caught on camera in Miami

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According to NBC, the incident transpired on Sunday afternoon, on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street City of Miami.

Two people then approached the driver, shouting and banging on the window.

On Sunday, a whole bunch of South Floridians were dead set on stopping a hit-and-run driver high on narcotics on Sunday...and it included a dude just bashing away at the fleeing vehicle with his handy sledgehammer. The cause of the crash is now unknown.

With its front grille and a side quarter panel dangling like detached appendages, cellphone video shows the SUV apparently trying to leave the scene. "(Don't move!"). The man stood near the wheels of the vehicle and the driver then proceeded to accelerate. And, lo and behold, one man just jumps out of his white van with a sledgehammer and starts going to town on the auto.

One man tries to open the passenger-side door of the auto, but breaks off the handle.

But cops warned others not to repeat the actions of the vigilante drivers who ganged up on the SUV should they find themselves in a similar situation, and dial 911 instead. The police said the man was found and taken into custody.

Police added they do not encourage witnesses to try and stop someone from leaving the scene, rather get a good description of the vehicle and contact authorities.

Dramatic video footage shows the crumpled silver Infiniti SUV attempting to escape after slamming into six cars in Miami Saturday.

"That's insane. You know, you have a crash, you stop", witness Anthony Jimenez told Local10. "You have a crash, you stop".