Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hiring to "Increase Quality"

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It'll be interesting to see if E3 2018 or some other event will provide more details on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Gain experience in a flat organization, use your talents to your heart's content.

Enjoy flexibility with discretionary work system and good benefits. The recruitment message has info on its requirements and a progress update on the game's development.

As the level planner, you'll organize the workflow of location development, brainstorm level designs for each location, and implement data using Unreal Engine 4.

By establishing core members of various positions as level planners, battle planner, designer, engineer as well as existing members of the development team, all shall be working on this together to achieve the goal.

Looking for new level planners is not a last-minute replacement, Square Enix adds. The job listing also indicates that the level designer would be a central member of the development team.

The ad was spotted by Siliconera, and it looks like Square Enix wants to increase the size of the core dev team to "meet fan expectations" and "increase quality".

Vayne is the third Final Fantasy XII character to be featured in the Dissidia series, alongside Vaan who's also in NT and Gabranth who was Dissidia 012 Duodecim. The job description gives some additional details about the current state of development of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Knowledge of Final Fantasy 7 is not required, apparently, as the publisher hopes the new recruits to inject fresh ideas into the remake.