Dolphins the front-runner for Albert Wilson

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Last year, Amendola caught 61 passes for 659 yards.

He was Tom Brady's main target during the Pats run to the Super Bowl past year, reeling in 26 passes for 348 yards and a pair of touchdowns, including 8 for 152 in the big game. In four seasons with the Chiefs he caught 124 passes for 1,544 yards, including 42 receptions for 554 yards past year.

He is expected to sign after the start of the NFL's new year Wednesday.

The Dolphins are trying to recover from the offensive loss of Jarvis Landry after trading the star wide receiver to the Cleveland Browns for some draft choices.

The Chicago Bears also reportedly have a strong interest in Wilson.

In four seasons with the Chiefs, he caught 124 passes for 1,544 yards and seven touchdowns.

It's not free agency if the Dolphins aren't churning their roster in weird ways, and this year featured another case of Miami getting rid of a player it drafted and developed and replacing him with a player they signed in free agency.

Wilson's contract would be a $24 million, three-year deal, a second person said.

So that's good by the Dolphins, with them spending much less on Wilson than they were going to spend on Landry, whose contract could have backfired in the Dolphins' face.

Timmons' departure clears $5.5 million in cap space for Miami.