Call for salt warnings on takeaways ready meals

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"Chinese meals should carry a health warning on packaging and menus after a new survey based at the Wolfson Institute, Barts & The London, Queen Mary University of London has exposed the astonishing and harmful amounts of salt found in both Chinese takeaways and Chinese ready meals sold by some of the UK's biggest supermarkets".

The results, published on Tuesday, March 13, showed the worst offender-Beef in Black Bean Sauce and Vegetable Noodles from Wong Kei restaurant-contained 11.5 grams of salt.

British adults eat 22 million takeaways a week and the Chinese is the most popular, SWNS reported. Out of the tested foods (all in the UK), 97% contained a hefty 2g of salt or more per dish.

The saltiest Chinese dish from a supermarket was Slimming World's Chinese Style Banquet Rice with 4.40g salt per 550g pack - more salt than two store-bought Pizza Express Margherita Pizzas, while Marks & Spencer's Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken Banquet has 4.13g salt per 500g pack, providing over two thirds of an adult's maximum daily intake - the same as more than three McDonald's hamburgers. Expending excessively salt has been related to the advancement of degenerative wellbeing conditions, which incorporate coronary illness.

While the group said that there were variations in the salt content from restaurant to restaurant, one of the black bean dishes analysed contained a whopping 11.5g of salt - nearly double an adult's daily recommended allowance. The research found that Chinese dipping sauces were, on average, five times saltier than seawater. Study authors call on policymakers to make health labeling mandatory.

The levels of salt increased when the group analysed 141 ready meals and found that some dishes had more than 4g of salt per pack.

However, some products are still too high in salt and we know this can be reduced further.

Mhairi Brown, of World Action on Salt & Health, said health chiefs "should consider warning labels on high salt dishes".

We've been very clear with the food industry on the importance of meeting the 2017 salt targets.

"This reduction will have a large impact on reducing strokes by approximately 22% and heart attacks by 16% saving 17,000 lives in the United Kingdom as well as other health benefits for the population", Salt on Action said.

We'll report on their progress this year and on any necessary advice to Government on the next steps.