Apple Maps Now Shows Bike Sharing Stations in Montreal, Toronto and Beyond

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Ito World, a company that enhances mobility data, signed off on the deal with Apple. While Apple Maps has had limited bike-sharing data previously, this new partnership provides a much larger data set than Apple was able to put together in-house, and allows Apple to benefit from Ito World's data as more companies are added in the future. This means users may now key in "bike sharing" in the search bar of the app, and they will be presented with data on the nearest station of a bike-sharing service.

An Apple Maps feature went live on Monday with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries. But this is a big improvement over existing data. Apple Maps will be able to show you where bike-sharing docks are located but will not provide other information such as how many bikes are available or how many docks are now empty as well as can't provide you with information on dockless bike-sharing services. It supports Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, Santander Cycles in London, CityCycle in Brisbane, bicing in Barcelona, as well as nextbike in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and many others.

With this update, you can type "bike sharing" in any city and find the name of the service and the location of the closest station. I tried looking for stations in smaller cities and it also works in European cities with hundreds of thousands of people.