Apple is letting companies make 3.5mm to Lightning cables now

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For any of you that doesn't know what MFi certified is, it is a manufacturing certification given to Apple's external accessories manufactures to indicate that the product has met Apple's performance and quality standards.

But Apple is still frustratingly limiting the specification: unlike Lightning ports, which are also part of the MFi spec for accessories, USB-C ports can't be used for pass-through charging or syncing on iPhones. With the change of the MFi logo, manufacturers will have to adapt the logo to their future products.

Apple announced the packaging and MFi logo changes to their already certified manufacturers on February 9th.

HuffPost UK
HuffPost UK

According to Charger Lab, Apple has announced the changes to the MFi logo on February 9. Products are also allowed to bundle USB-C cables with the MFi accessories.

The products have been taken out of alphabetical order and arranged in order of popularity.

"Promote your electronic accessory with MFi logos", the MFi program states on Apple's website. Therefore, third-party manufactures using MFi logos without official authorization from Apple will face great legal risks. Many Apple accessories that are non-certified are still available at much lower prices, a lot of them from the Chinese market.