Xbox One to get FreeSync support

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Xbox One gets FreeSync and Xbox One S gets FreeSync 2 with HDR support. During the webcast, Microsoft also teased that seven games will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass in April, including Cities: Skylines.

In this regard, some 2018 TV with the QLED technologies that Samsung has announced during the CES 2018 will also support the VRR (variable refresh rate), which may be particularly interesting for console players. The segment concerning FreeSync starts at 1hr 38mins.

The Xbox Insider Program Alpha Preview ring is invite only.

Microsoft is adding support for AMD's FreeSync displays to its Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles soon. A news post on this announcement published by Forbes answers the question you might have if you have an older Xbox One - what about me? This allows compatible displays, ones that accept FreeSync variable refresh rate signals over HDMI, to time their refresh rate to the console's rendering rate and removes the micro-stutter that could be seen due to this mismatch. Both AMD and Nvidia technologies go beyond that basic premise.

The newly announced Xbox software update.

We already know the Xbox will receive a big software update in the coming weeks, including 1440p support for the Xbox One X. Among the other new features coming are AMD Freesync support for enabled monitors and low-latency mode support for compatible TVs.

Microsoft says Freesync support should debut sometime in the spring, while the auto low latency feature won't arrive until later this year.

Elsewhere in updates, Xbox One users will get an updated Microsoft Edge browser, more Twitter sharing options, and controller sharing with viewers on Mixer.