Tomb Raider 1-3 Remasters Coming to PC

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Realtech VR, is working on remasters of the first three Tomb Raider games that will be playable on 1080p or Full HD resolution with 60 frames per second.

TR1-3 remaster for PC are planned for Steam for free and will requires the purchase of the DOS version being sold on Steam (like ZDoom playing Doom games). Owners of the original DOS Tomb Raider games on Steam will be happy to learn that they will receive the newly-remastered games for free when they release.

The original Tomb Raider games are old.

The remasters will feature a new 3D engine along with support for OpenVR, multiple graphic options and an option to play with a controller. For 2018, though, the resulting remastering work will also benefit the Steam versions. However they are what many consider a classic, and the good news is that it looks like the games will be getting a remaster according to a confirmation on Twitter.

- realtech VR (@realtech_VR) March 1, 2018The port is relying on Steam because we won't provide game data.

No release date has been given for the games yet, however they could very well coincide with the release of the newest Tomb Raider movie to Blu-Ray and DVD. The remasters will also include the DLC packs Unfinished Business and The Golden Mask, along with bug fixes and further improvements by Realtech VR. However, they did mention that the first two games have already been completed and they are now working on the third one.

Luckily, there are remasters coming for each of the three games.

Check out the two progress videos below to see how Realtech VR has done with the first two Tomb Raider games.