Sci-Fi Platformer Planet Alpha Announced for PS4

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Coming from ex-IO Interactive developer Adrian Lazar, it's a project that his small team have been working on for the last four years - he originally started work in his spare time back in 2013 while still at IO. He made a decision to leave the studios in 2015 to focus on Planet Alpha development. "It's such a pleasure to welcome Planet Alpha to the Team17 games label".

Players awake on a odd alien world that is home to many mysterious, exotic flora and fauna.

While at IO, Lazar once worked on Hitman (2017), Hitman: Absolution and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days before going it alone. The game has a very striking art style and makes full use of the Unreal Engine to deliver what might be the best looking platformer ever created.

Promising fast platforming action, puzzles, and stealth mechanics, players will have to explore the world and uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet. "Developing the game for over 4 years has been a roller coaster, so when we looked for a publisher we were very selective".

Adrian Lazar comments positively to the partnership, which allows the team to finally bring the game to players all over the world.

Planet Alpha will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018. For more information on Planet Alpha, head over to the official website.