Sane Trilogy screenshots released

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Xbox, Switch, and PC players will soon be able to experience Crash Bandicoot in HD.

Activision has released a new set of screenshots for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. In addition to that, those that want to make sure they can play the game as soon as it launches later this year can already pre-purchase the title on Steam.

A man in a Crash Bandicoot costume once stood outside Nintendo of America's headquarters with a bullhorn to promote the release of Crash Bandicoot on the PSone (and gloat that it wasn't available for the Nintendo 64).

Toys For Bob has previously worked on a number of Skylanders games over the years, including Imaginators, the game in which Crash Bandicoot originally made his comeback as an unlockable character, alongside Dr. Neo Cortex, his adversary. Currently, they are still listed as the studio that will be bringing the game to Xbox One and PC, likely because it will be a much more direct port.

It could also refer to the port of the Remaster.

The trilogy of remastered Crash Bandicoot games will also be making its way to the PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, publisher Activision has announced. So fans shouldn't be anxious about his original adventures making their debut on a Nintendo platform - he'll spin in fine fashion.