Baldwin reaction to Trump tariffs mixed

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Among the scheduled attendees were Strauss Zelnick, CEO of TakeTwo Interactive Software, and Robert Altman, CEO of Zenimax Media, where Trump's younger brother Robert sits on the board.

The 88 second video was meant to spark conversations of whether "games that graphically simulate killing de-sensitise our community to violence", said the press office. Missing from the meeting were any scientists or psychologists that could give an educated assessment of any link between violent video games and violent tendencies.

Henson, the mother of a nine-year-old, noted that the industry representatives were quick to defend the gruesome content by explaining that the games were meant for mature audiences and not for youngsters to see it. Afterwards, President Trump questioned whether violent video games had some responsibility in mass shootings. Trump has been openly critical of the state's political leaders and policies.

The briefing is short and sweet, explaining that after hearing both sides talk about whether or not violent games have an impact on causing real life violence, President Trump surmised that some of the data presented to him indicated that video games do cause real life violence.

Melissa Henson attended on behalf of the Parents Television Council, a non-profit organization that believes violence in movies and television is a contributing factor in school shootings and other violent acts.

President Trump has made video games a focus as he looks for solutions to gun violence after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.

"Discounting the absurdity of linking these outcomes to school shootings, given the dire concerns expressed by politicians you might guess that playing violent video games increase these minor forms of aggression by around 40 or 50 percent", they wrote in an article on Feb.16 for Rolling Stone.

"We discussed the numerous scientific studies establishing that there is no connection between video games and violence, First Amendment protection of video games, and how our industry's rating system effectively helps parents make informed entertainment choices", ESA said in a statement.

Bozell said he also communicated to Trump a need for "much tougher regulation" of the video-game industry, stressing that violent games "needed to be given the same kind of thought as tobacco and liquor".

The president invited executives from the video-game industry, including the makers of games like Grand Theft Auto and Fallout, which have some violent themes.

Hartzler told Glixel that the behind-closed-doors White House meeting began with a viewing of a montage of violent scenes from various games.

The top Republican in the US Congress, Paul Ryan, publicly denounced President Donald Trump's imposition Thursday of steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. In his book Assassination Generation, Grossman stated that video games "depict antisocial, misanthropic, casually savage behavior can warp the mind - with potentially deadly results".

Video games are calculated to be a $100 billion a year global business by market intelligence firm NewZoo.

He said Mr. Cohn is leaving to make more money, but the president said he might come back to the administration in some capacity later.

Neither Markey or Ferguson will be attendance at the meeting, along with a dearth of knowledgeable psychologists, scholars, or researchers that could provide clear evidence about the lack of connection between video games and violent behavior.