Trump Has Agreed to Meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Now What?

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During President George W. Bush's second term, after talks with the United States and several other nations, the North agreed to freeze parts of its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of some economic sanctions. He's oscillated between threats and insults directed at Kim, and more conciliatory rhetoric.

He stressed that China would continue to maintain sanctions on North Korea until a political settlement was reached. "Hopefully, you will give me credit".

Abe, briefing reporters after the call, said that the U.S. and Japan had agreed to "keep putting maximum pressure until North Korea takes concrete actions toward denuclearization".

On Aug. 4, 2009, Clinton made a private trip to the DPRK for a talk with Kim Jong Il, and the DPRK leader agreed to pardon two imprisoned USA journalists in the country, Laura Ling and Euna Lee.

"There is zero chance Kim Jong Un is going to agree to worldwide inspections that dismantle his nuclear arsenal in the next several months", Mount said.

Analysts say Trump's decision to accept Kim's invitation for a summit and to do it by May could be linked in part to a desire to claim a significant achievement in his most hard foreign policy challenge before the US midterm elections in November. The White House said Trump's meeting with Kim would take place "at a place and time to be determined".

Tillerson said that Trump has been open to mere talks and a meeting with Kim "for some time", and had decided on Thursday that "the time was right". Kim has vowed to halt missile testing during the period leading up to the meeting, which is tentatively set for May.

President Trump's meeting with the communist dictator marks a significant change in North Korean policy from previous administrations.

The U.S. -DPRK ties have experienced ups and downs in history.

Just months ago, Trump mocked Kim by calling him "little rocket man". "Kim Jong Un is the one person able to make decisions in their uniquely totalitarian system, and so it made sense to accept the invitation with the one person who can make decisions instead of repeating the long slog of the past". He once tweeted that North Korea was the "last place on Earth I want to go" and accused Rodman of being "delusional" for suggesting he wanted to accompany the retired basketball player there on a trip.

Chung did not say where the meeting would take place.

The United States would prefer Washington, while North Korea will want Trump to come to Pyongyang, its capital. But the proposal for a summit still came as a surprise, and will raise questions about whether the two sides are ready for such a high-level meeting.

On Wednesday, a Trump administration official told CNN they were thinking of bringing in outside help for any North Korea negotiations, due to a depleted US State Department.

Donald Trump enlisted Friday the help of China's Xi Jinping to keep sanctions pressure on North Korea, amid fears that an audacious diplomatic gambit by the USA president could lead to backsliding. The drills are expected to resume next month. -South Korea military drills.

Tensions rose to their highest in years in 2017 following a battery of missile tests by North Korea, before a detente championed by South Korean President Moon Jae-in during his country's hosting of the Winter Olympics began to bear fruit.

The planned summit was welcomed by arms control advocates, but got varying responses from Republican lawmakers. "You're on the way to a historical meeting no US president has ever done".

"If you do that, it will be the end of you? and your regime".