Pennsylvania man signs 16-yr-old out of school, both missing

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A 45-year-old man who signed out a 16-year-old girl from her Pennsylvania school 10 times in the last few months before the two went missing was able to do so because she had changed school documents to list him as her stepfather, according to police.

Amy Yu, 16, told staff at her school on Pennsylvania that Kevin Esterly, 45, was her stepfather so that he would be allowed to sign her out.

Amy's mother called police on February 9 to report Esterly signed her daughter out of Lehigh Valley Academy that day without permission, according to the newspaper.

Her family lives in Allentown and Amy attends Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School near Bethlehem and at least ten times between December and February 9th, the same signature was on an early dismissal form.

Police said Amy's mother called February 9 to report Esterly had signed her child out of Lehigh Valley Academy earlier that day.

Allentown Police Department records show they confronted Esterly and his wife Stacey and told them to stay away from Amy.

Yu's mother then told the school that she's a single mother and school workers called police, Hammer said.

Esterly and the teen were last seen on Monday and may be traveling in a 1999 red Honda Accord, the missing person alert said.

While we don't know why Esterly's wife was told to keep her distance, police did confirm they were called to the Esterly's home in Orefield, for a domestic incident between the two. According to police, Amy altered her school records and put Esterly down as her stepfather, allowing him to sign her out of school.

Amy is friends with his daughter and he and his wife have been over to her family's home before.

On Monday, Yu's mother reported the teen as a runaway.

They described Amy as a well-liked girl with lots of friends who always helped take care of her brother, John.

Amy's mother discovered after her daughter vanished that she had taken some of jewelry, her passport and cash.

Police describe Yu as a 4'10 Asian female weighing around 90 lbs while Esterly is described as a 5'9 white male weighing 185 lbs. Police said Yu was believed to have last been seen with Esterly about 7:09 North 15th and West Allen streets.

Anyone with information about the pair is asked to call 911, or the Allentown Police Communications Center at 610-437-7751.

Before fleeing, Esterly withdrew $4,000 from his bank accounts, his wife Stacey told police.