Actions on Google get better media playback, more subscriptions, and custom commands

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You'll be able to subscribe to notifications from Actions. It's a colossal Assistant update overall.

Lastly, Google Assistant also now allows you to ask for periodic notifications from apps that support Actions, such as Forbes' "Quote of the Day". For instance, you can be notified of news alerts when they happen. In order to encourage the usage, the new feature aims to add more functionality on such speciality devices.

For example, Todoist, the project management app, comes with support for Actions, in regards to hyper-specific commands to the app like "Mark the first task under Project 'make your graduation film' as done'". Voice commands can be used to pause or replay media, and a media player will appear on your phone. For visual content, Assistant now has a browse carousel.

From multilingual support and more languages to Routines, Google has been on a roll in recent weeks adding new features to Assistant. Now Google is rolling out its latest lightweight app: Assistant Go. The feature allows an action to be made aware if you paid for premium content in an app. a The concent can subsequently be made available for you. Again, developers need to implement this support and push out an update for Google review.

Let's have a look at what Google has in store for the users related to its AI assistant.

The last big Assistant addition is a feature called Custom Device Actions, which allows an Assistant device to use highly specific voice commands.It sounds like it's only for devices with embedded Assistant such as the Nest Cam IQ and the range of smart speakers announced at CES.

According to The Verge, with this announcement, Google has handed off some of this work to manufacturers which would reportedly give the companies more flexibility and make Assistant more helpful. There aren't many examples of hardware with built-in Assistant yet, but developers will be able to include custom commands in them going forward.

Before now, users had to invoke an Action by saying "talk to LG" before issuing a command but now a user can directly say what he or she wants LG's connected appliance to do making the process much faster and interaction more natural. Once it's ready, tap on the file and select "Yes" to confirm you want to install it.

Developers can take advantage of most of these features right now.