Penguins 'pose for selfie' in Antarctica

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When Australian expeditioner Eddie Gault left his camera on the ice the penguins quickly approached it and began investigating.

The birds filmed themselves at the Auster Rookery near Australia's Mawson Antarctic research station - which is the country's first station in the continent.

Australian Antarctic Division posted the short clip on social media giving us a closer look at the penguins. For about half a minute, the two chirp and cock their heads inquisitively at the screen, before perking up and shaking their heads (and bellies) repeatedly.

However, thanks to two extremely curious emperor penguins that's precisely what took place resulting in this glorious image.

It's not the first time, of course, that an animal selfie has made headlines - or even the first time a penguin in Antarctica has captured itself on camera.

They're also known to breed during the Antarctic winter when temperatures can drop down to -50C, with thousands coming to Auster Rookery to find a mate.

The division is responsible for the "advancement of Australia's strategic, scientific, environmental and economic interests in the Antarctic by protecting, administering and researching the region".

The camera was placed there by expeditioner Eddie Gault. But it seems like humans clicking their own photos are now passé.