MoviePass Disables Location Tracking After Subscriber Outrage

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Movie ticket subscription service MoviePass is the latest company to face a backlash over data collection after admitting it's exploring ways to collect private data on its two million-plus users. Let us know down the comments!

"We get an enormous amount of information", Lowe said. The company famously loses money every time a user sees a movie due to its subscription model, and thus has to rely on other tactics to eventually turn a profit.

In the change log for the update, MoviePass says that it has "removed the unused app location capability" entirely. Unsurprisingly, the way in which Lowe discussed the company's location-based marketing made some customers uneasy, prompting the need for damage control. But, the controversial feature of the Movie Pass App which traces the location of the movie goers before and after watching a movie had created controversy. "I'd rather pay full price for a movie", one person tweeted. The move violated user privacy, critics said; indeed, even the company's privacy policy failed to disclose anything about tracking users before and after their visit to a theater.

If you're a subscriber to MoviePass, you're being followed home.

In other words, while MoviePass will continue to explore location-based marketing as a means of enhancing the "overall experience" for users, the data that isn't now being used by the app will no longer be collected.

Now, just days later, updates have been pushed out for both the MoviePass iOS and Android mobile apps.

The statement finishes by promising, "Our members will always have the option to choose the location-based services that are right for them today and in the future".

Of course, we shouldn't take this update to mean that MoviePass is moving away from its data collection ideas completely.