Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Tournament Announced

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More than 15 characters will be playable in Mario Tennis Aces, among them Nintendo stalwarts such as Mario, Waluigi and Donkey Kong as well as more surprising characters like Chain Chomp and Toadette. This includes the various features that gamers can expect from the game, such as the different power moves and techniques that players can use to try and beat their opponents.

However, you're not completely helpless if you're on the receiving end of a Zone Shot. The previous Mario Tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, launched in November 2015 on Wii U. Nintendo unveiled Mario Tennis Aces during a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini video in January.

The trailer shows off the "Special Shot" that is powerful enough to hit the enemy's racket off their hands, but it doesn't guarantee a free point as it can also be blocked.

Mario Tennis Aces can be enjoyed with up to four players both locally and online. Another ability is Zone Speed, which works like bullet time, allowing you to get to balls you wouldn't normally be able to reach. The energy gauge can be increased by simple rallies or by performing Trick Shots. A casual mode allows you to use a JoyCon as a tennis raquet, and also have more elaborate controls with a regular controller setup. What's more, the House of Mario is also planning events and tournaments for the game, which will reward new outfits and bonus characters.

Nintendo has super-glued a release date to Mario Tennis Aces, confirming the plumber-fronted sports outing will launch exclusively for Switch on June 22.