Netflix purchases fifth Black Mirror

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Who is in the cast of Black Mirror season five?

Black Mirror, the hit anthology Sci-fi series on Netflix, is set to return for its fifth season.

When is Black Mirror back on?

The first two seasons of "Black Mirror" aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and 2013, which was followed by the Christmas special "White Christmas" a year later. Because of that, fans likely weren't too anxious about Black Mirror's cancellation chances, and Netflix could very well keep renewing the series for as long as creator Charlie Brooker can continue crafting such bone-chilling and disturbing tales. Further details are still unknown, such as how many episodes will be included and a possible release date. The teaser ends with the words "Be right back", a reference to the Season 2 episode of the same name.

Its depiction of life in a universe slightly ahead and slightly parallel to our own was stark - technology took a centre stage as morality, violence, sex and human interaction blurred to tell ambiguous tales of dystopia. Today, Netflix announced Black Mirror has been renewed for Season 5, so we'll be holding onto that paranoia for quite a while longer yet.

Are you excited for a new season of Black Mirror?