Threat from New Mexico panics parents at New Jersey school

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Hours after a student made a social media threat against two South Jersey high schools, a different teenager in a neighboring town was arrested for allegedly threatening a shooting in West Deptford.

The schools targeted include Murphy High School, Baker High School, Davidson High School and Theodore High School.

Officers questioned the student who posted the information, and the student admitted that it was not a credible threat.

Halifax Regional School Board says the lockdown at Halifax West High School has been lifted.

While law enforcement has not confirmed that the threats are connected, the Blaine School District reported on its website that the district closed all schools after receiving an emailed threat Thursday night.

Although, the school was cleared for students to resume class as normal today. That ended up helping police respond to the Snapchat threat made by the local student early that morning. The person suspected of producing the threat has been taken into custody.

Springville police also were on high alert on Wednesday after another social media threat, initially thought to target the school, went viral. The threat was determined not to be valid after the student was contacted and admitted it was a hoax.

The Richton School District, along with others, are urging people not to post anything to social media that hasn't been confirmed by officials, especially in a time of heightened fear and security.

"This, in turn, led to rumors and miscommunication regarding student discipline issues at other schools in our district", said Smith. Although immediate action was taken in all these incidents, parents say the situation has forced them to have tough but necessary conversations with their children.