Attorney General Sessions orders creation of Cyber-Digital Task Force

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Much of the work Sessions described Tuesday is being done in other parts of the government and within the Justice Department, but the attorney general said the task force would "canvass" those efforts and identify "how federal law enforcement can more effectively" combat the threats.

The suspects are accused of stealing from more than 1 million Americans of more than $500 million.

More than 250 people were charged in a major US crackdown on elder fraud scams that victimized over 1 million people and led to $500 million in losses, the Justice Department announced. When criminals steal the hard-earned life savings of older Americans, we will respond with all the tools at the Department's disposal - criminal prosecutions to punish offenders, civil injunctions to shut the schemes down, and asset forfeiture to take back ill-gotten gains. "I have directed Department prosecutors to coordinate with both domestic law enforcement partners and foreign counterparts to stop these criminals from exploiting our seniors". The task force's first report will be delivered to the US Attorney General by the end of this upcoming June. The Cyber-Digital Task Force will assess ways to address these issues.

The task force will be chaired by a senior official appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and its membership will include representatives from DOJ offices including the department's Criminal and National Security Divisions, the ATF, FBI and DEA, among others, Mr. Sessions wrote in a two-age memorandum touting its creation sent to department heads last week and released to the public Tuesday.

"Many senior citizens experience circumstances that make them particularly vulnerable to fraud and abuse", said U.S. Attorney Don Cochran.

The Deputy Attorney General has the right to form additional subcommittees and task forces meant to collaborate with the newly established division or allow it to specialize in certain activities at a later date but it's still unclear whether any plans for doing so presently exist.