Twitter Bans GOP Candidate After Racist Tweet About Meghan Markle

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One of Markle and Prince Harry's stops for their royal engagement ahead of their May 19 wedding was a visit to Social Bite, a café in Edinburgh that helps feed and employ the homeless.

Members of the royal family like Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton aren't supposed to sign autographs, they have a strict agenda of public outings they attend, and we've recently learned that female royals have an additional rule for public outings.

This May, Prince Harry, the second son of Prince Charles of Wales and fifth in line to the British throne, will tie the knot with American actress and socialite Meghan Markle.

"It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married into the family) unless their hand extends first", Hanson said.

A source told the publication: "Prince Harry has personally requested Ed perform at his wedding". Markle isn't the only Royal bride to take a lead in stretching the boundaries of protocol. "But I was faaaaaar from showing [myself] self love", she wrote in 2015, via People, referring to fellow actresses on the show. Harry's own mother, the late Princess Diana of Wales, embodied the modern princess and strove to make the Royal Family more relatable to the common man and woman. The world needs more warm and fuzzy moments like this.

The royal couple's social work spoke highly of them, Scott's 13-year-old daughter said. The castle is also an official residence of Harry's grandma, Queen Elizabeth.

Republican Paul Nehlan got his Twitter profile deactivated after he sent out a racist tweet about Prince Harry's biracial fiance.

Michelle Obama's hand on the Queen's back also made headlines.

Online jewellery retailer The Diamond Store has reported a marked increase in sales of Meghan Markle-inspired three-stone engagement rings for Valentine's Day.