Passengers film plane's emergency landing after engine cover comes off mid-flight

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As ABC News reported, the Hawaii-bound flight left San Francisco Tuesday afternoon and had to make an emergency landing due to a "mechanical issue" that caused the plane's engine cover to detach from the plane.

But before the incident was over, unnerved passengers posted photos and videos from the flight, some including debris flying off the plane's right engine while it was mid-air.

Fellow passenger Maria Falaschi took to social media to call it the "scariest flight of my life".

According to reports, audio of the discussion between the plane's pilot and air traffic control were released.

"Our pilots followed all necessary protocols to safely land the aircraft", the airline added.

Passengers on a flight from California to Hawaii faced a terrifying sight on Tuesday when the engine's covering ripped off the aircraft. Another passenger, Wayne Smellie said, "When it came over the end of the runway they had us brace for landing".

It's not the first time in recent memory an aircraft engine broke apart mid-flight.

A local TV station quoted a passenger as saying that after a loud bang, the plane started shaking. The plane landed safely as emergency responders waited nearby. "Although the airplane will fly perfectly without the cowling, the lack of the cowling can create secondary problems; for example, it could have damaged other parts of the plane when it blew off". People who were sitting on the right side looked out their windows and saw pieces of metal flying. "They handled it well", she said.

She explained: "It was about 45 minutes until we landed". And an Air France flight had to make an emergency landing in northern Canada past year after one of its engines exploded in midair.

In an email, he added that the agency will investigate the incident.

"They landed incredibly smoothly and those pilots should get an award or something because we all landed safely and incredibly smoothly", passenger Allison Sudiacal.