Here's how people reacted to Elizabeth Warren's speech

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"Her story has been taken away by powerful people who twisted it to serve their own purposes", Warren said. And she has skillfully used any questions or jokes about her tenuous claims to likewise enhance her "victim" status as a persecuted minority woman, as well as to make all Native Americans feel slighted - not by her lies but by the people calling out her lies. But her Pocahontas speech instead showed that she is Hillary. On President Trump's supposed personal contribution to that "violence", Warren said, "It is deeply offensive that this president keeps a portrait of Andrew Jackson hanging in the Oval Office, honoring a man who did his best to wipe out native people".

In her speech, Warren acknowledged the controversy over her heritage that first surfaced in 2012, when she successfully challenged incumbent Sen. She has never claimed majority Cherokee ancestry, or enough ancestry to qualify as a member of a registered tribe.

"My mother's family was part Native American", Warren said.

Warren in her remarks also chastised federal lawmakers for letting "their Big Oil buddies pad their profits by encroaching on your land and fouling your rivers and streams", although she stopped short of pointing the finger at Republicans.

More than five years ago, in May 2012, Breitbart News reported there is absolutely no credible evidence to support Warren's false claim of Native American ancestry.

Some media outlets have described Warren's speech as "striking" and "bold".

It's beyond dispute that Trump disrespects Native Americans, but Elizabeth Warren is the last person on Earth who should be defending them.

That, however, is hardly proof that she has no Cherokee ancestry.

Warren vowed to fight for infrastructure improvements and investments in tribal lands and to battle "discrimination and neglect" against the Native American community, decrying a US government that "robbed you of your land, suppressed your languages, put your children in boarding schools and gave your babies away for adoption". Careful examination of her words, however, suggests that she left herself plenty of room for plausible deniability.

She said that she respects the distinction between heritage and tribal membership, and said she has "never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead".

"I get why some people think there's hay to be made here", Warren said.

"It doesn't excuse her for wrongfully claiming a minority appointment".

Elizabeth Warren has been criticized for claiming her Native-American heritage as she is not enrolled in any of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes - Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians or the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees. Readers and listeners can interpret that as they may. "Every time someone brings up my family's story, I'm going to use it to lift up the story of your families and your communities. and I promise I will fight to help write a different story".

She used the story of her family's struggle to make clear she is now fully committed to uplifting the voices of Native communities, but didn't specify exactly how she intends to do so.

The president has indeed waged a sophomoric and undignified campaign against Warren on this issue.

The NCAI summarized its response to Warren's address in a statement on their website: "In addressing NCAI, Sen".

"We appreciate her candor, humility and honesty and look forward to working with her as a champion for Indian Country, " Keel said.