Donald Trump Jr. 'Thankful' Family Unharmed in Powder Scare Hoax

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As it was previously reported by several organizations, Vanessa along with two other people went to the Medical Center in New York following the opening of a letter addressed to her husband at their apartment in New York City on Monday.

Donald Trump Jr.'s wife and mother-in-law were hospitalized as a precaution on Monday morning after opening an envelope containing a white powdery substance that investigators later determined was cornstarch and was not hazardous, police officials said.

Police said Mrs Trump complained of nausea afterwards and was coughing hard. She was then taken New York-Presbyterian Hospital as a precaution and was accompanied by her mother Bonnie Haydon and another person. "This is an active investigation and we can not comment any further", Fox News quoted US Secret Service as saying.

After receiving a letter with an unknown powder, Donald Trump Junior announced he and his wife, Vanessa, are perfectly fine.

Envelopes filled with white powers date to 2001 when letters containing anthrax were mailed to news organizations and the offices of two USA senators.

Trump Jr. married Vanessa on November 2005 at his father's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

Vanessa Trump did not have an immediate reaction to the substance, which the NYPD said was deemed nonhazardous.

Police generally take envelopes containing white powder as serious threats.

The US Secret Service, which is charged with the protection of the family members of the US President, is also involved in the investigation, spokesman Jeffrey Adams confirmed. No one deserves to be frightened this way.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke about the incident at her press briefing and said: "I know the president spoke with her (Vanessa)".

Mr Trump Jr took to Twitter to vent his disgust, blaming someone with "opposing views" for the incident.

Mrs Trump previously worked as a fashion model in NY and is a former Miss USA contestant.