Celebrate Chinese New Year in Las Vegas

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What you can expect in Buddhist temples are lighting incense, trying special temple-made Chinese food, enjoying handsome lanterns and hearing some chanting.

Gaw recommends preparing a basin of uncooked rice on the eve of Chinese New Year for good luck.

Noodles are symbolic of longevity or long life when eaten during Chinese New Year. In honor of the new year cycle, various spots around town get in a celebratory mood, and visitors are welcome to join in.

Chinese New Year is not an official holiday in Cambodia, but the festival is broadly celebrated and some schools, private companies and institutions are closed on the occasion. There are a total of 12 animals so animals repeat every 12 years.

Seriously, have a paws-perous Lunar Year of the Dog, will you? The Chinese use animals to represent each year, which resemble Western constellations.

The Lunar New Year 2018, or the year of the dog on the Chinese Zodiac, falls on February 16, and several Asian organizations on campus are bringing a part of the celebration to the University of Memphis.

Chinese New Year traditions include hiding brushes and brooms, paying off debts, making peace with those close to you.

"People who are married or elders will put money into red envelopes and give them to children or to people who are unmarried", Lee said.

All family members gather to make dumplings and this display of unity and love, according to them, brings increased wealth and prosperity. Last week, a report from the China Tourism Academy and Ctrip said they expected the number of outbound Chinese travelers this year to reach a new record of 6.5 million.

"I recommend for those people born in the Year of the Dragon to remain in status quo, meaning no new investments, no new business". It is believed lighting incense and praying at the temple earlier in the New Year will welcome good spirits and deities coming to the household sooner.

33-year-old Sorn Horn, who also celebrates the Spring Festival, said Cambodian people are very happy to celebrate the festival since it is an opportunity for them to pay respect to their ancestors and to enjoy a family reunion. "But the one thing we used to do as kids was, even after service, it was the only time in the year we would have dinner".