Blake Griffin Sued by Ex for Palimony Because of Kendall Jenner Relationship

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TMZ Sports broke the story. Brynn Cameron is suing the National Basketball Association star for palimony - but in her lawsuit, she details the turbulent relationship Blake had with the Clips. Cameron and Griffin were in an on again/off again relationship for 8 years, and Cameron says that, though they were engaged, Griffin called off the wedding shortly before he allegedly began seeing Jenner. Cameron, who also went through a public child support battle with former National Football League quarterback Matt Leinart over their son in 2007, is seeking an indeterminate amount of money from Griffin.

Although the amount Cameron (pictured), 31, is suing for is unclear, no doubt she'll want a chunk of Griffin's fortune, as he signed a $173 million contract in June.

"[Cameron] strengthened Griffin's bond with his teammates and allowed the organization to see a different side of his personality rather than the hard-partying man-child Griffin had been prior to their cohabitation", the lawsuit said, according to TMZ Sports. She criticizes him over his relationship with Kendall Jenner.

Cameron filed her lawsuit on Wednesday, Valentine's Day, claiming that Griffin, 28, "shamelessly" abandoned her and their children for Jenner.

As TMZ notes, the lawsuit also invokes Griffin's recent trade to Detroit to talk about what it's like to have your trust violated (I think).

Cameron stings him again, adding that he "knows very well what breaching promises is all about", citing their failed romance.

In her suit, Cameron claims that she and her children are "cash strapped" and "homeless", and have to rely on her brother for money.

Griffin and Cameron met, according to the suit, in September 2009, when she was just beginning her career as a sideline reporter for ABC Sports. He then "immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with [Kendall Jenner]".

But Cameron filed documents of her own, also seeking joint custody but asking the judge to establish child support based on Griffin's annual salary, the Blast reported. In exchange, she said, he agreed that he would take care of her financially for the rest of her life. "To change that dynamic, Cameron would coach Griffin on how to communicate his issues".