Ball State journalists cover press briefing with ice skater Adam Rippon

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US figure skater Adam Rippon had a strong Olympic debut on Sunday night. Honestly it's really fun to be yourself. After this it's up to the women's free skate and the ice dance short dance to determine who gets on the podium in the team event.

He goes to press conferences where microphones are put in front of his face, happy to answer any question. During an interview with USA Today last month, he expressed his distaste at the decision to send Pence as the leader of the US delegation to Pyeongchang.

"After everything that we went through four years ago, I said, 'I want to have a matching tattoo with you, '" he recalls.

"I remember saying to him that night he missed qualifying for the '14 Olympics: The only thing that is life and death, is life and death".

In this episode, we talk about Glen's distaste for the Winter Olympics (like the Summer Olympics without swimming and with more parkas), Sam's memories of just how complicated a logistical endeavor the Olympics really can be, and the "temporary city-states" that have to be built.

Rippon said Monday he has no interest in meeting after the Olympics with Pence, the former in governor who has been perceived as showing a lack of support of LGBT rights and once supporting so-called gay conversion therapy, which has been slammed by the medical field. Rippon hasn't backed off the comments, though he said he didn't want them to define his Olympic experience.

"I thought it was poor timing", she said. In an NBC interview with Joyce after this victory, Rippon said with nearly identical wonderment, "Andrea, you and I both have waited a long time for this". Back in December, the bronze medalist tweeted, "I was recently asked in an interview what its like to be a gay athlete in sports". I have a passion for what I do, and along with having a passion for being an Olympic athlete, I have a passion for talking with people and sharing my story and interacting with people.

"I'm going to go to Target and I'm going to get a bottle of Sauvignon blanc, Oyster Bay, with the twist top, immediately", he said. "To want to share your ideas and feel like people might not like them". To get messages from so many young kids who say that they're gay. "I'll be fine, '" he said. I'm being me. And I'm being myself.