Arresting Cop In Meek Mill Case Suspected Of Racial Bias & Abuse

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Meek's legal team is raising the issue due to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report about a list of Philly cops with a history of lying, abuse and racial bias.

Additionally, TMZ's documents reveal Graham admitted to another officer that he was violent with Meek during his arrest more than a decade ago.

Meek was sentenced to five months in jail in 2008 on drugs and weapons charges arising from that search, but has face a number of probation violation actions since and last year was sentenced to two to four years for violating his probation on the original charge.

In addition to referencing the Inquirer's report, Meek's lawyers cited sworn affidavits from two former Philadelphia police officers who question Graham's credibility. Sources told The Philadelphia Inquirer Tuesday that Graham, who retired from the department past year, was included on the list.

Additionally, Meek's legal team are upon a breakthrough now learning via the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office that the arresting officer was secretly holding a place on a DA's list of cops suspected of framing suspects and lying in court.

The documents claim that another office, Gerold Gibson, says that Graham lied when he said ion the stand that Mill pointed a gun at him.

"The news of this secret list, which includes the only officer to testify under oath against Meek Mill, is troubling but not surprising because we knew all along that the information officer Graham gave in court was false", Mill's attorney Joe Tacopina told the New York Post's gossip column Page Six.

The list hasn't been made public and doesn't provide specifics on what Graham did, but his former partner testified in a deposition that he and Graham used to steal together. However, the federal trial led the city to drop 800 cases and freed many defendants, and paved the way for dozens of successful civil suits against the city of Philadelphia.