U.S. woman found with eye worm previously known in cattle

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A total of 14 worms - all less than half an inch long - were extracted from the woman's conjunctiva and the surface of her eye over a two-week period before her symptoms ceased, reported the study.New York, Doctors in the United States have extracted 14 worms from the eyes of a woman, the first known instance in the world of a human infection, previously seen only in cattle, according to a report by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A 26 year-old woman in OR is going down in the medical history books after more than a dozen worms were pulled from her eye, some of which were nearly a half-inch long. Scientists reported the case Monday. Instead, it was the cattle eye worm, known as Thelazia gulosa.

Beckley may have been infected when she worked on a cattle ranch in Oregon.

Typically, patients infected with these parasitic eye worms report feeling similarly to the 26-year-old patient - eye irritation, and the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. Over two weeks, doctors removed 13 more. Eight days in, she made the sort of find you'd expect to see in a meandering, boring spin-off to Cloverfield - a small, translucent worm in her eye. "Now, we have to add Thelazia gulosa, a third one to the list".

These eye worms are spread by flies that feed on the tears that lubricate the eyeball.

"It was only after we looked more carefully that we realized some differences in anatomy that meant it could not be T. californiensis". They can be spread by different kinds of flies.

"Dr Bonura was so willing to just talk with me and was really empathetic to what I was going through as the person who had this thing in her eye".

If the worms move across the surface of the eye, they can scar the cornea and even cause blindness, the doctors noted in the case report.