Snapchat still loved by millennials despite update 'nightmare' and competition from Instagram

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After taking a hands-off approach to creators on its platform, Snapchat is making overtures by offering more insight into the audiences they have cultivated.

This information is being shared with Snapchatters who are part of the Official Stories creator community. The only time that a user would be notified of a screenshot is when somebody screenshots a DM conversation.

Snapchat needs the support of these creators more than ever before.

The new Snapchat redesign recently went live for all users, however, it stirred huge criticism and numerous users are calling for the old design back.

More than Five lac seventy-eight thousand users have signed an online petition by Monday midday, asking the parent company Snap to roll back the redesign, which was unveiled last week.

If public figures get on board with the changes, that may help keep users from abandoning the service.

Needless to say, this update has been a long time coming for Snapchat.

She further said that it's a possibility that once the users get use to the redesign they would again start using it as heavily as before.

He adds, "I will be the first to admit I was done with Snapchat and fell away a year ago, but this is the change that both creators and brands needed to get back on board". Users have complained that the redesigned app is now less user-friendly and hard to figure out. Valentine's Day is no different, though after the latest app update from the company, users weren't feeling very loving about the holiday Snap.

According to estimates by the research firm eMarketer, Snapchat will add another 1.9 million new U.S. users under the age of 25 this year.

According to TechCrunch, Snapchat managed to eclipse Facebook's daily active user (DAU) growth rate in the final quarter of 2017.