Samsung's Galaxy S9 to Come with Animoji Style 3D Emoji

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Around this time past year, most rumors said that Apple would do something no other smartphone maker was capable of with the the iPhone X. It turns out Apple did, but not the way we thought.

Based on the sources, the Galaxy S9 and its larger counterpart Galaxy S9+ will come pre-installed with a "3D Emoji" feature.

Samsung has a big few weeks ahead as the firm readies itself to launch it's all-new Galaxy S9 on February 25.

The Galaxy S9 may come with a 3D emoji feature, Korean news outlet ETNews reported.

The Korean report had the audacity to actually call Samsung's 3D Emoji "innovative" knowing full well that all they did was rip off Apple's Animoji.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 phone could borrow another iPhone X feature if the rumors are true.

According to the report, the project that was supposed to bring the under-display fingerprint technology to the Galaxy Note 8 successor was recently stopped due to technical difficulties.

Along with the new release of the Samsung Experience 9.0(Android Oreo) update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are a set of newly redesigned emoji that are much more consistent with other sets across manufacturers and apps. The report also reiterates other Galaxy S9 rumors, like its variable aperture function and better facial recognition and iris scanning. Interestingly, this will be spit with one at the top of the phone and one at the bottom. The ETNews report suggests that the people who had been testing the phones thought that, while the overall design was basically the same as the S8, the corners of the S9 are a little more gradual and the phone was a little thinner overall. While leaks have already made it very clear that the S9 will include a standard rear fingerprint scanner (in a new position, naturally), some rumours had hoped the Note 9 would include the coveted sub-screen biometrics.

In total, Samsung phones running Experience 9.0 are also getting 239 brand new emoji, featuring those rolled out last March in Unicode 5.0. Unfortunately, it looks like the Bixby button will also make its comeback.