MSU faculty votes no confidence in trustees

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Michigan State University interim president John Engler has issued a scathing statement in response to ESPN Outside the Lines report that associated the school's basketball and football programs with the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

The State News reports if the vote of no confidence is approved, the faculty will call for all members of the board to resign immediately.

The board has also been criticized for backing former president Lou Anna Simon even after public opinion overwhelmingly swayed against her and the Michigan House of Representatives came to an unprecedented vote of no confidence as well.

The Michigan attorney general and state police are now investigating how the complaints were handled. The Faculty Senate has no legal power over the board.

Engler did not hold back when referencing the ESPN report, calling it a "sensationalized package of reporting".

In the statement, Engler said that the university is reviewing "allegations and insinuations" from the report.

There was significant fallout at MSU following the Nassar scandal, as Simon resigned and athletic director Mark Hollis announced his retirement.

"I am not sure if the at-large members of the Steering Committee realize how insensitive and tone-deaf this motion makes us appear", Vickery said.

"That has been a burden that must be lifted", Engler said in his letter. "I hope that MSU can soon respond in full and affirm the integrity and probity that has been the hallmark of these two respected coaches".

"The part I saw, I agreed with what he said", said Izzo. "We'll see what goes from there when I get home and get a chance to read it all and get a chance to talk to him".

"I do know that two of them have declared they're not running for reelection - that's a start, but we really need to have eight board members leave en masse out of love for the university and put eight academic leaders in place to move us going forward", LaDuca said. ESPN is also reporting that same assistant coach was later accused of sexually assaulting another female student.